Friday, August 3, 2012

Great New Resource!

Some of our BEST Friends, Friends of BEST in Alabama, have launched a new website that will be a great resource for all teams and teachers. Here is their description of the site:

We are excited to announce that the Friends of BEST Resource Center is live:

This site is a “living breathing” site that updates daily and connects with social media. The front page has a few static documents but the links for students, teachers mentors/volunteers, career connections and news will update daily as well as Photo of the Day and Word of the Day. Our goal is for visitors to Tweet, Facebook or other social media about the videos, news stories, etc….with the ultimate goal of learning while having fun.

This site is a blog site, very similar to - they blog news stories, we will blog about BEST.
You can search for topics at the top of the page or use the tag cloud on the right side of each page. The larger the tags (words) in the tag cloud the more information posted about the subject.

Please take the opportunity to learn from others who have "been there, done that"! Thanks to Robin, Elizabeth, Janis and Kellie for sharing these resources with us!