Wednesday, November 28, 2012

NACC Engineering Tech Students Design Robot

Engineering Technician students at Northeast Alabama Community College recently designed and built an autonomous, line-following garbage can delivery and retrieval robot. This project, part of the ENT 242 - Advanced Studies in Engineering Technology class, allows students to build projects that apply the knowledge and skills to practical situations in engineering technology. According to instructor, Deni Adkins, the design challenge came from a real-life situation wherein someone is no longer able to take their garbage can to the road. Students were challenged to design and build a prototype that would solve the challenge. The robot is programmed to follow a path (a black line) to from the starting point to the end point (at the road) and return to the starting point.

The instructor, Deni Adkins, provided the video.

The Engineering Technician program at NACC provides students to be the eyes, ears, hands and feet of engineers. It includes courses in electrical, programmable logic controls, mechanical, structural, materials, and project management, as well as quality and productivity. By understanding the language of engineering and various industrial systems, the engineering technician can assist engineers in designing, testing, building, operating and maintaining systems in aerospace, energy, manufacturing, construction, and consulting.

Engineering technicians rely on a strong background in math and science coupled with an understanding of engineering concepts to support the work of engineers. According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, of the 77 fastest growing occupations requiring postsecondary training or an associate's degree, at least 10 are in an engineering technician field.

Are you interested in becoming an engineering technician? If so, contact Mrs. Deni Adkins at 256-228-6001, ext. 2816 or 256-638-4418, ext. 2816 or via email.