Wednesday, January 29, 2014

National Robotics Week is April 5 - 13

Northeast Alabama BEST Robotics is gearing up for National Robotics Week, which will take place April 5-13, 2014. Watch this site for details on events to be sponsored by Northeast Alabama BEST Robotics during this week.

BEST Teams: This would be a great opportunity for you to share what you do with others in your school and/or community. Perhaps you could:
  • Arrange to demonstrate a robot at your school
  • Organize a fundraiser to support the 2014 competition season
  • Visit the classroom of a younger class and talk to them about robots. You might share an activity book or coloring sheet. The ones linked here are available courtesy of iRobot.
  • Select a day to wear your game day shirt to school
  • Or ????
We encourage all teams to participate. Please post your events to the National Robotics Week website and send details to to have them posted in this site.