Wednesday, September 30, 2015

#paydirt2015 Sponsor Spotlight: Farmers Telecommunications Cooperative

Local phone service? Yes!
Digital television? Yep!
Email? Of course!
Computer help? They do it!
Security systems? Got that too!
Internet? Can you say "Gig Country"?

All that here, on Sand Mountain? You bet we do!

But we can't get services of the same quality of those in big cities can we?
 No. What we get is BETTER!

Farmers Telecommunications Cooperative, Alabama’s largest member-owned operating telephone cooperative, marked its beginning with its original incorporation in February 1952. Up to that time, none of Alabama’s large, investor-owned telephone companies would serve the state’s rural areas, claiming that the costs to serve these sparsely populated areas were just too high, and the returns too low. Responding to the need for reliable communications with their neighbors and the world, a handful of area residents, some of whom had played key roles in establishing Sand Mountain Electric Cooperative, joined together to begin organizing and building Farmers Telephone Cooperative.

Farmers Telecommunications Cooperative is a proud sponsor of Northeast Alabama BEST Robotics. We are pleased to have them on our team.