Friday, July 5, 2013

Help us Catch up with Justin Beiber on Twitter

Are you on Twitter?

If so, please find Northeast Alabama BEST Robotics on Twitter: and follow us.

Why? Here are the top five reasons to follow Northeast Alabama BEST on Twitter:

  • # 5 - You will receive tweets anytime a new article is posted to this site.
  • # 4 - Receive additional content, including photos, that are not posted on this site.
  • # 3 - Open a line of two-way communication with your BEST hub.
  • # 2 - Think of how often you can say, "I just got an interesting tweet..."
  • # 1 - We're bummed that Justin Bieber has more followers than us.
Justin = 41 million +
Northeast Alabama BEST Robotics = something less than 41 million (Okay, really less than 41).

Please connect with us! We are looking forward to hearing from you.