Monday, July 1, 2013

Talking Robot to Visit Space Station

Kirobo in Zero-Gravity
Kirobot, a humanoid robot during
a zero-gravity test.
Want to go into space? If you were Kirobo, a 13-inch humanoid robot astronaut, your dream would be coming true. A article on relates how Japanese robot, Kirobo, will be the first talking humanoid robot to go into space.

Although designed for this purpose, Kirobo got no breaks when it came to the "physical" activities required of astronauts. He was put through a series of tests, including zero-gravity tests, to assure that he could survive in space. Kirobo comes equipped with voice-recognition technology, language processing, facial and emotion recognition, a camera and the ability to speak Japanese. You may view a video about Kirobo below.

His journey into space is set for August of this year. Learn more about Kirobo at the Kibo Robotic Project site.