Monday, July 8, 2013

Modern Manufacturing: Featuring GH Metal Solutions

Some people will ride by a manufacturing facility every day for many years with no idea of what goes on inside. If you ride by GH Metal Solutions on Airport Road in Fort Payne, you will see a large, metal building. There always seems to be a lot of activity in and around the parking lots, and lots of cars there, but do you really know what goes on there?

Check out this video about GH Metal Solutions and learn more about what makes them successful.

Do you think you might like to work in a place like this? Did you notice the robotic welders? If you know how to program a BEST robot you can quickly transfer that skill set to learning how to program industrial robots like this. Taking a course in Industrial Electronics at Northeast Alabama Community College will teach you the skills needed to run industrial robots.

BEST Robotics is about real skills for real life.